Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The bigger picture

I've had such a boring few days that I think I've bored myself into a near catatonic state.

At the end of the last week I could feel a cold coming on and I was pretty annoyed about it - mainly because it would impede my exercising  plans. I went to the gym on Thursday as I wasn't feeling too bad at this point. On Friday I felt like crap and sacked off the exercise and a night out with friends too, opting instead for some quality sofa surfing. The next day I still wasn't feeling much better but I was feeling a bit anxious about what it would mean taking another day off working out - and I'm on a six day week this week. I did a bit of googling to confirm what I already suspected - if I felt fine from the neck down then  there was no reason why I couldn't work out.

Going to the gym was the last thing I felt like doing but other than that I was actually just sitting on my arse so if all I felt sleeping and not much else afterwards, then fine. Off I trotted on both Saturday and Sunday and the Sunday workout even ended up being boypump! I went to circuits last night which wasn't that great. Apart from the fact there was lots of sprinting (hate it!) I strained a muscle during the warmup in my left thigh which meant I couldn't squat or lunge and running was  rather tricky too. It's still a wee bit sore today so I'll just have to watch I don't overdo it at spinning tonight.

So how do I feel about tomorrow's weigh in. Optimistic but quite frankly nothing surprises me when it comes to the scales. Based on how I feel, and my diet and exercise over the past then I'm expecting a loss. However, when I did my recap of some my dieting years I realised just how much of a slave to the scale I was. I can't let that happen again. There have been some brilliant non scale victories today which reminded me it's all about the bigger picture.  My mantra tomorrow morning will be 'bigger picture'.

And finally, a quick exercise recap:

Thursday: Gym workout
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Gym workout
Sunday: Bodypump
Monday: Circuits & 7 mile cycle
Tuesday: Spinning and 2.5 mile cycle


  1. Man, I love your typos - please NEVER edit. Boypump - I have a lovely image of you lifting a resigned looking man up and down!


  2. Haha! I wish it had been boypump - no such luck!


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