Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Get in my face

I thought I'd share one of my favourite recipes with you which I must eat at least twice a week. I have this Spanish omlette/frittata as my big meal of the day and I love love it.

I always have been an egg person and would quite happily eat them for every meal and so I really look forward to having this.

There are a few staple ingredients that I always use (eggs - of course, onion and peppers) but mostly it just depends what's on the go in my fridge.The quantities here are perhaps a bit big but we have...a whole red onion, a handful of sweetcorn, 1/3 of a red and 1/3 of a yellow pepper, a small chuck of low fat cheddar, a handful of spinach and one grated carrot. Not pictured is some milk which whisk the eggs into.  And of course, there is my beloved Fry Light. 

I'm not going to pretend there is a lot of finesse to this. It's a case of chucking everything (expect the cheese and eggs) into a very hot frying pan which has been sprayed with Fry Light until it's all softened down. Personally, I like a bit of bite in my peppers so not too long on the heat.

I then turn down the heat to medium, whisk up the eggs with some milk and gently pour into the pan.  After a few minutes it's all firm underneath but a bit wobbly on top so I scatter on the low fat cheese which has been grated and I fire it under the grill.

And here is the finished product. Not only is it protein packed and veg packed but it tastes great and it so filling. I try to avoid adding salt but sometime I go for a wee sprinkle into the egg mix or even nutmeg.

Check out the size of this (pretty messy) bad boy - it's a whole dinner plate.  Yum!


  1. Yum! I've been debating trying the frittata thing for a while now, and it certainly looks good! How many eggs do you usually use, and how much milk, if you don't mind me asking? Ta muchly!

  2. Holy cow that looks amazing. I love eggs & will definitely be trying this bad boy!

  3. I too want to know how many eggs you used!

  4. Wow- so comments about food! I love it!

    I used 3 eggs. As for the milk.... um I just sorta pour in a good few glugs at least. Probably the same volume as the eggs if not a little more.
    Hope that helps.


  5. Awesome - thanks for that - think I know what I'll be trying for tea this weekend! x


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