Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weigh in

I'm pissed off. Really really annoyed.

I worked so hard this week. The miles I did on my bike, the pavements I pounded, the lengths I swam and the weights I lifted weren't enough.

I refused burgers, banoffee pie, tablet, a chippy, bacon rolls, biscuits, ice creams, bread, butter.... the list goes on yet I stayed the same. Not one ounce lost.

Yes, I know it all evens out in the end and it'll show up eventually, muscle weighs more than fat blah blah BLAH. Not interested. I wanted to lose weight TODAY. Right now. I want rewarded for my efforts and I want that reward in the form of a lower number on the scale.

No comments please. I am fucked off, have caught the cold and am pissed off, just in case that wasn't clear.

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 183 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 21.25 pounds

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