Friday, 15 July 2011

Mummy Lovecat meet Mummy The Bear

Just a quickie today as I'm starting the weekend in approx 5 mins. Yee haa!

My legs have been really aching over the past few days. You know that really weary, tired feeling you sometimes get when you've been tromping round the shops in nothing but a pair of crappy pumps?

I dragged myself to badminton last night and played an hour of singles and today I managed to crack out at 5km, at my fastest speed this year- despite the tired legs. Might have something to do with not carrying an extra 24lbs!

I have just realised though, this is my 7th day of working out on the trot. Ah... that might explain it. Wednesday's workout out was pretty tame and short but it all adds up. So this weekend I am VERY excited about two whole rest days. Whoop! My legs are positively over the moon.

I also need all my energy on Sunday for the social headache that is.... my mum is meeting TB's parents! Long story short, she and I are going berry picking near their house on Sunday. We're literally about five mins away from where they stay so it would be a bit weird of us not to pop in to say hello. I'm sure it will all be fine but you know what it's like - smiles plastered and me being miss polite and will no doubt end up rabbiting on like a rabid parrot. I'd be proud to introduce my mum to anyone and I think TB's folks are brilliant so really there is nothing to worry about. Right?

Last quick diet note... I'm up at TB's this weekend and I don't know why but I find myself on the hunt for things to eat, little snacks and treats all.  the. time. I've not done any damage at this point but I need to remind myself that I can't be slacking. I was just getting some lunch stuff at the shops and wanted picked up some cheap choc ices that we both like but they were out of stock. I got the most similar type but they have caramel in them as well. I would gladly inhale the whole packet, cardboard and all, but instead I got some Ribena ice lollies for me. Okay - so they aren't as good but I'll still enjoy them.

Have a bon weekend mes amies. x

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