Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Secret of my success

I'm feeling a bit negative. Nothing major. I'm going through a 'pissed off with living 100 miles away from TB',  moment, I'm a bit hormonal and on top that I didn't have a great weekend food wise. There were no massive binges or anything but I don't think I've been careful enough to see a loss on the scales tomorrow.

I find it really easy to lose sight of the good things and how in control I really am when I feel like this. To feel like a winner, I need to think like a winner and so I here are the secrets of my success*

  • Protein, protein and more protein - eggs and fish from a large part of my diet.
  • Snacking. Forget crackers, low fat crisps, cereal bars etc. I either have a few slices of cold meat or fruit.
  • Exercise. Not only does it make me feel good and help weight loss but when I go to the gym I can see how I look and I'm reminded of how far I've come.
  • Mix up the exercise and keep increasing the speed/weight/resistance etc.
  • Frylight. I haven't used cooking oil (vegetable or olive in months)
  • Frozen grapes - amazing snack
  • Cut back on carbs. I rarely eat pasta, bread, rice or cereal. Instead of 2 scrambled eggs and a slice of toast I have 3 eggs and no toast.
  • Planning. I plan my week so that I can fit in all my exercise. That is done before anything else gets in the way.
  • I love booze. It does not help me lose weight. We've had to scale back our relationship significantly. Definite correlation between consumption and lack of weight loss.
  • Squats and lunges. I'm telling you - my legs have never looked so good!
  • Keep on keeping on. Consistency is key. 

And here is the week's exercise
Wed: 7 easy miles on the bike. 20 mins lunges/running/squats etc
Thurs: 1 hour badminton singles
Fri: 5km run and 10 mins squats/lunges
Sat: Nothing
Sun: 2 mile walk
Mon: Heavy resistance gym workout
Tues: Spinning and 10 mins cardio.

So not a particularly intensive workout week but a good mix in there none the less. Okay, will report on weigh in tomorrow but to be honest I'd be okay with staying the same.

*so far


  1. Sooooo, I'm back to blogging. I did the whole "the past 5 years doesn't exist because I have a new blog!" SO, adjust the dial and spread the word: Glam is out. Olivia Jane is in.

    Planning is most definitely the key to success. My lack of planning combined with my extreme love of alcohol is making my progress non-existent. But I'm acknowledging where my weaknesses lie and making strides towards fixing them.

    See ya 'round the weight loss block, kid! xoxo

  2. Well that sounds impressively focused to me! May SoD reward you.



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