Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weigh in

This weigh in update comes to you from the numbers 12 and 16.

12 because I am in the 12 stones! Waaaaaaaaa! 

16 because I am wearing a pair of size 16 jeans! Haaaaaaaaa!

It was a happy happy scene this morning in my bathroom as I weighed in at 12 stone 12lbs. That’s a loss of 3lbs from last week. Boom! I am so bloody happy. My big tantrum last week about staying the same was a complete waste of time as, of course, it all showed up this week.  I did work really hard though and battled through feeling shitey to gym it.  

When I was at boot camp (or, as I refer to it in real life, on my walking holiday) I got down to 12 stone 11lbs. That was for about 3 seconds and until I ingested the tiniest modicum of salt. Apart from then, the last time I was this weight was 2006 – six freaking years ago people! I feel fucking amazing. 

However, I was already feeling pretty damn smug as I went shopping yesterday. The whole affair was pretty stressful what with the bulging racks of sale stuff (which is all utter pish), the realisation that although I need a size 34 D bra to fit the size of my body, I just don’t have the goods to fill it anymore and not having a clue what to buy as I’m pretty much starting from almost nothing (hardly anything I have fits and what I do have is old and tatty), I came away victorious. 

I made three purchases which had me forgetting about the scale and thinking about the bigger picture.
  1. Pants. I love a pack of five pants from M&S, bikini style. I bought a pack of size 16s.    
  2. Workout trousers. I always go for the ones made from a more jogging bottom style of material. No more. I bought a skin tight, lycra-esque pair from H&M. Size – large. I wore them to spinning last night and I felt really good in them.
  3. Jeans. The ultimate shopping nightmare. Throw in the fact just about the ONLY style on the go right now is ‘skinny’and I am a 33 leg (yes,I know it doesn’t exist) I was not feeling the denim love. I tried on a lot of pairs and eventually settled for a size 16 straight leg from Dotty P. They fit – but not only are they tight, they are also VERY straight legged and one millimetre away from being skinny jeans. I feel pretty damn good in them though and every other pair of size 16 jeans and shorts I tried on, fitted. Ha! 

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 180 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 24.25 pounds


  1. You little legend!!! so so happy for you - it's such a wonderful feeling - enjoy and revel in it - you've certainly earned it. Zxx

  2. Woop woop! Fan-fucking-tastic! Well done you!

  3. That's fantastic - what a great feeling that must be. I'm so pleased for you.

    On the jeans - I have read that the Per Una straight legs (which are basically skinnies) are v good and I have a pair of these and would concur. They're nice and dark and have a bit of stretch in them. Also I've read that - somewhat bizarrely - New Look do good jeans.


  4. Well done, feels so good to get out of the 13s doesn't it!


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