Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 13

13 days overdue.

Can you believe this? I'm beginning to question if there actually is a baby in there. I always thought I'd be late, but not this late. And I have to admit, as my 14 days allowed before I'm induced have slowly disappeared, it's been tough.

I've been mentally prepared for a water birth throughout my whole pregnancy, taking place at my local maternity unit - just a mile from home. However, as induction is more medical it means I have to have the baby at the nearest hospital - 45 minutes away.

It's fine, it's not that big a deal, it's just not what I've visualised for the past nine months. On Sunday I went for a second sweep (sorry, I hate that word) with limited success. It was then I realised that I'm more than likely to be induced. That was not a good day and I spent a lot of it in tears; the culmination of almost two weeks of hanging around, carrying this baby, being uncomfortable, hormones, and lack of control.

So unless this baby makes a move in the next 24 hours, induction here I come. One way or another there is going to be a baby in my arms in by Friday. A little Gemini baby.


  1. Oh, I feel for you - the wait is rotten and the birth plan getting chucked out the window is rotten but I'm so excited to hear about your little one when s/he finally arrives! All the best, however the birth ends up happening.

  2. Hang in there (not, admittedly, that you have much choice!) and GOOD LUCK!


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  4. Oh, what a disappointment - but I was induced the first time and I'm sure that like me you'll be so thrilled with the baby that it won't really matter - as you seem to be saying. I hope it all goes smoothly. So exciting!

  5. Hope all goes well - thinking of you all!



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