Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grasshopper slices

If this baby doesn't make an appearance soon I'm going to bake myself into a diabetic coma.

Yesterday's endeavour was a minty choc delight described by the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook as a Grasshopper slice.

It all nearly went tits up as I had to make a white choc ganache with 1kg of chocolate. Yes, 1KG! That is a shitload of chocolate. So of course, I managed to split it. And when I say split, it wasn't just  bit grainy looking, it looked like curdled milk. The oil from the cream had separated out so badly it was sitting on top of it. Horrific. And I was raging.

However, a quick google later and I read that a fix is to heat up some semi-skimmed milk and add it a bit at a time to the mix, stirring well. Holy milky bar kid. It worked! I am amazed! I was ready to chuck it in the bin, it was that bad. I mean it looked more lumpy than my thighs in their current state (i.e. VERY). The end result, creamy, smooth silky ganache. Amazing!

Anyway, here is a slice of the finished product (with a bite out it - ummm... baby was hungry!).

Obviously there is still no god damn baby! My friend who is a midwife told me to have more sex. Well, sex. Ha! Look, it's bloody awkward  and heartburn inducing at this stage!

In other news (yes, this is my high octane life just now) I've cooked twice with quinoa this week. We had healthy burritos made with turkey mince and quinoa instead of rice. Very delicious they were too!

TB is on a health kick and so while I might still be chowing down on cakes and sweeties, my meals are all very healthy as I'm cooking for loverboy. It's been really good actually as it's helping me get back in the mindset - ready for the full on health kick which is imminent. Tonight's tea is a crazy tasty fritatta with leftovers including spicy turkey mine, roast sweet potato and leek. Can't wait!


  1. Get batch cooking and freezing individual meals in that freezer. You won't be cooking for at least 3 months, unless TB has been tasked with that one!

  2. Wow I had no idea that you could bring white choc back from the dead. That slice looks GOOD :)


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