Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Back to blogging

Life with Miss P is certainly different, but also kinda the same - just MORE.

I did have a post drafted all about how life is with her, what the first few weeks were like and of course, the actual birth. But as we close in on 7 weeks together, the significance of it all has faded and each day is a day of learning as we continue to get to know each other.

I mean, part of me wants to tell you what a good baby she is (well, just did), about the lonely moments in the middle of the night in the first few weeks when I uttered the words "I can't do this", how clever she has been at taking a bottle, my conflicted emotions about giving her formula from time to time, and how a bad night (of which there are few) is quickly forgotten about when I get to pick out a cute wee outfit for her just how god damn cute she is! I could go on forever. But that's not what this blog is about. Yeah, it's about my life but it's really about the size of my arse and how I'd like to reduce that!

First of all let me tell you that I almost gave up blogging. You know what it's like when you've not done it for weeks. Can you really be bothered to find the time again? That is key for me. When Miss P sleeps, I am trying to do 101 other things. I have no time. Actually no time. I should be hanging out washing right now!  So who know how regularly I'll be posting, but I am going to keep it up and I suspect when I start losing weight (when, not if) it'll at least be weekly.

Anyway, I now no longer have a baby in my tummy so what are the dirty deets. Just how fat am I?! Pretty fat, but not as fat as I thought I would be!

During pregnancy, my heaviest was 16 and a half stone. Ooft! Post birth I was 15 stone 1.5lbs. A week later I was 14 stone 8.75lbs. Which is where I am now. So I've got about and stone and half to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.

I have to take a moment to salute planks and side planks. Even just a few days after giving birth you would never have known I had just had a baby - stomach (with just a little additional flab) back to normal.  Backside, not so much!

Let me leave you with a picture of my little bug at two days and seven weeks. Much less squished and swollen!


  1. Now I DID post or at least type a comment on your last post when Miss Penelope arrived - but its not there -I obviously did something dumb or my usual two jobs at once and didn't hit the publish button. Anyway the gist of it was - massive congratulations to you all and she is quite beautiful and as you say now even more gorgeous now that the creases have come out! I always believe in that first 6 or 8 weeks there are often occasions when you think you should just put this little bundle back to where it originated from - I think it's all just so much trial and error and getting to know each other. But you're now entering that wonderful phase where she'll grow like a little mushroom and keep on surprising and delighting you with each new achievement - enjoy - I know you will. Anyway will be back in Drymen again for almost a month from 27th December so will try my damnedest to come and meet Miss P in person. Meantime much love and hugs to you all. Anni xxx

  2. What a gorgeous little girl!

    And I know it is terribly shallow not to leave it at that - but go you for minimising the pregnancy weight gain! That's pretty fantastic!



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