Thursday, 2 December 2010

Totes Sozzzzzz

Whoops - been a bit slack on the old blogging. However, I come armed with excuses...

  • Double glazing. It's in! Well, one window was the wrong size and so I'm waiting for that one but the other window (I only have two windows) and the front door are in. Love. Them.
  • Snow. TB ended up staying an extra night at the weekend cause of all the snow. In case you hadn't noticed GB is pretty much totally covered in snow. He couldn't get home and we were snowed in together for a night! He made the pilgrimage to the shops for some food and came back with supplies and a pair of gloves and earmuffs for me!
  • Diet. Ummm... diet? Yeah, kinda have hit a bit of  a hurdle there. TB is SUCH a bad influence. That is a crap excuse but there is a reason why I find it hard to slim when in a relationship - a new relationship. I have a whole post in the making about that but mainly it's because it's not FUN. I want to be carefree and spontaneous but saying no to anything fun and interesting that is related to food makes me seem like a total bore. I missed Ess Dubs on Tuesday (was cancelled cause of snow) and can't go next week cause of work but I am going to get my head down till the following week as that's my last real chance to get cracking before Christmas.
  • Cold. Got a cold. Boring.
  • Hair cut and massage this week- life is hard, eh?
  • General chatting to TB on skype and the phone
  • Christmas present buying - got a few ideas. Best thing I've bought so far - a pink spotted cake stand from BHS for a tenner for me bezzie.
  • Snow  - again. Had to dig my car out of the snow and then lent my spade to my neighbour that I've never met before. Although well worth it as they returned it tonight and brought a bottle of wine to say thanks. How nice!
  • Christmas party planning. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - I am excited. Tonight on the phone TB told me his mum and dad are going to have an early Christmas family get together and I am invited! It's going to be the week before Christmas and they were waiting to see if I could make that date before they went ahead. This means we'll see each other every weekend until Christmas. I am happy.


  1. I srsly had no idea wth double glazing was. Thank you for the explanation. Ha. I kept thinking, "she having donuts delivered?"
    I always delude myself thinking I was from the UK in a past life. After hearing about how freakin' cold & snowy is it, I think I'm mistaken. I can barely stand the 30-degree snow-less weather we're having right now.

    Enjoy the honeymoon period, even if it means not losing like you'd want. You know it'll sort itself out soon enough. Spending time with someone you're falling in love with (or just having a great time with) seems like it's more important in the grand scheme of life than losing a pound or two. Do WHATEVER makes you happy. Double glazing, hand holding, snuggling on the couch in favor of gym time...


  2. come back! how's it going?


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