Thursday, 21 August 2014

Weigh in

Big breath. Or maybe it's more of a sigh. Yeah, I think it's a sigh.

Before you read any further, I should reveal I'm not in a positive frame of mind right now. The slinkiest of our two young boys is currently at the vets with a broken back leg. We came home from work last night to find him like that. We think he's been hit by something, probably a car. The vet's just called to say he needs to be referred to a specialist and the bill is going to be around £2000. It's that or amputation. At just over a year old, amputation doesn't seem fair. Before you ask if we've got insurance, don't.

I don't want to say any more about than that for now.

What I really need to talk about is my weight. I don't want to talk about it, hence the lack of posts,  but I know I need to get my shit together. Here's where things are at. I'm 11lbs heavier than I was on my wedding day. It's gone like this.

Wedding:                        11stone 13.75
Home from honeymoon:  12 stone 10.5
Pre camp:                       12 stone 5.5
Home from camp:           12stone 10.5
A week later:                  12stone 11
A week later:                  12 stone 10.75
Today:                            12 stone 11lbs

You get the gist. I'm pretty much dicking about, good style.

Once we got home from camp I really struggled to get it together for even one day before buckling and eating a whole load of whatever took my fancy. You know that feeling when you think, "Just one day. Please let me get through one day of eating the right things. That's what I need to get me started; 24 sodding hours."

Well, finally last week I managed those 24 hours. Yes! "This is it", I thought. "Here we go. Time to get into the single figures in the 12s. I am on it!" And so for the rest of the week I was feeling positive. I had a double workout on Thursday, I ran on Friday and I feel like I made good choices all week. I got on the scales this morning and there it was - a gain. Sure it was a gain on 0.25lbs, so pretty much a stay the same, but it's not what I was expecting.

I just feel so despondent about the whole thing. The thought of mustering the energy to dig deep to find some motivation is exhausting in itself. There is a whole load of ambivalence I feel about it all - and have done for weeks. And that is manifesting itself in my actions. When I was complaining to TB that I'd put on weight this week which I didn't think was fair, he then very easily listed quite a few things I'd had which weren't 'good'. A whole M&S pizza for tea, half a bag of percy pigs, a couple of creamy cocktails. Hmmm. So I'm kidding myself on. I'm not really 'doing it'.

I can't really articulate why this makes it worse, but my mum is losing weight like a demon and TB is back on his lots of small meals, healthy eating plan and will no doubt start dropping the pounds too. They are both going to slim down and I'm just fannying about here feeling pissed off with myself, but totally unmotivated.


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry about the little one.

    I think diet apathy is very natural when you've been working towards a big event like a wedding and you shouldn't be hard on yourself. Time to refocus. Where do you want to be weight wise, shape wise, fitness wise and how are you going to get there? Goals and plans will provide you with a fresh shot of impetus (hopefully!)

    Oh, and Percy Pigs are the crack cocaine of the sweet world - stopping at half a bag is pretty good going if you ask me :@)


  2. I so know what you mean - it's all to do with headspace isn't it! Mine hasn't been in the right place for probably the last 2 years - haven't done anything drastic but just gradually creeping up. Noted before I went on our last trip that a Weightwatchers class had opened just up the road on a time and day which suits - so I let myself mull over it while on holiday and generally got used to the idea and joined on Monday. For me WW is the answer so here goes! Wish me luck as I wish you the ability to get yourself in the right place to get downwards and onwards. I really sympathise as sometimes you just feel there is no end to this - and unfortunately there isn't - we are what we eat (or drink!!!) Much love Z xx

  3. Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry about your cat. What a decision to have to make.

    I'm also sorry about your weight but, looking at the photos - you're such a beautiful girl and he clearly loves you. You'll get there but meanwhile, look at yourself, your lovely clear skin, your glossy hair, your dazzling smile! But I do sympathise. I put on weight very easily too. Hugs.

  4. I echo Seren's thoughts, when you've had the focus of a big event to lose weight, it's really easy to lose that focus later. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're absolutely gorgeous with or without a few extra pounds and you know you can do it xx


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