Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hello from the first stop

In my last post (which was bloody ages ago) I said my first stop in the old weight game, was going to be the 13s.  Just like a Eurovision contender, here I am, calling from the 13s. 13 stone 9.25lbs to be exact! Can you see me? That's me waving from a town called, Super Chuffed.

I'll stop with my terrible analogy, cause it isn't even really one.  My grey matter is a bit rusty.

So in total I've lost just over a stone since I started actually trying post baby. I'm very pleased with this result as I deserve it! Let me tell you, I am working hard. Almost every single week I am at the gym three times. Once is a weight workout, once is spinning and once is a glute and shoulders workout. Mon - Fri (including the gym) I'm covering at least 10k - so my fitbit tells me. And of course what's going in my trap is mostly super healthy. It's only in the last few weeks things have really started to move though. One week I even gained. As you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon.

Breastfeeding dictates my whole day as the little munchkin feeds pretty much every three hours,  but I've tried to forget about it when it comes to losing weight. The official line is that it means you're using up another 500 cals a day. I can't see it. The rate I'm losing weight at is slow. Which is good, I mean, I need to make sure I'm getting plenty of the good stuff to pass onto Lady P.  But the pounds aren't just falling off like some people would have had me believe. I am putting the work in. For sure.

We've only got two months left of until we begin weaning (holy shit- I just counted that up) so I'm hoping as she gets bigger and feeds more and more efficiently, taking more and more milk, that these next eight weeks will see the back of at least half of the the last 13lbs preggo pounds.

You may be wondering where the baby chat is. Apart from the fact I'm going to tell you Lady P is such a good baby (mostly!) there is none. I spend SO much time thinking about her, I'm not inclined to bore you with the details. And there are so many details. The tiny things she does, that change and advance every day are mind blowing. To me.  Four months of baby life, and I am loving it but I am also loving that I am still me. However, I am still gonna show you some pics of my wee darling.

And leave you with the hope of more regular blogs but you can always check out my instagram @mrs_lainey


  1. A) I'm so glad you're still posting! B) Congrats - that's a pretty decent weightless when you've got a tiny baby to look after too and C) whilst I'm not the most baby-orientated of people, even I have to admit that little Lady P is indeed rather cute and squishy :-)

  2. Oh she's adorable! Just want to pick her up and cuddle her. Well done you and so lovely to hear your news xx

  3. SO so beautiful, just like her mum. Fab to see your update

  4. I am very impressed by your dedication - I don't have a small child attached to me 8 times a day and I can't find time or sufficient motivation to go to the gym once a week (never mind three times!).How do you do it?!

    I've had friends mention the 500 cals thing like its loads and they can eat what they want, but I don't think they really have much idea of what 500 cals actually means food wise. Its only a egg mcmuffin & latte from Maccy D's or a mars bar and a couple of apples, or a slice of cake. So not that much (to me anyway!). Still it can't hurt so hope it works!


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