Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Weigh in

I'm on a pretty good cycle with Lady P.  Every three hours she feeds and within that time she always naps for 30 minutes. That's not long though. 30 mins to get on top of what you need to do without having one eye on her goes by in a flash.  Especially when you get you get your head around that the time between feeds is from the start of the feed.  Let me explain...

If you feed at 1pm, that might take 30 mins. Regardless of how long it takes, the next feed is 3 hours away, at 4pm - so you've now only got 2.5 hours in which to do whatever you want to do. Gym, supermarket, coffee with friend, bake - and then BAM is time to get your tattas out again. The next thing you know it's bedtime and it all begins again.

At least I know I've got those 30mins every 3 hours. I've hung the washing out, tidied the spare room (Mum is coming to visit) and then I thought, fuck it - just sit down and please yourself for 10 of those minutes. Haha! 10 minutes. Whoopee doo! You've gotta laugh.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be an account of my days! Just an account of one part of this day, weigh day. Stayed the same. Of course I would have loved to have lost something but I had a Chinese, sweeties, and a power of booze on Saturday night. So it was not to be. Fair enough. We're going on holiday a week on Friday to Crete with TB's folks and naturally there will be many delicious Greek foods. I'd love to lose 2lbs next week to try and get my down a bit before I put it all back on again!

This week I'm only gyming it twice so I'm going to do a home workout on Friday night - and my usual 10k of walking every day. Onwards!

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