Friday, 27 April 2012

Duck and cover

There are two things I REALLY want and need to talk about. Both are time sensitive but I don't have time to talk about them both. I'm going to go with the emotional/boy chat just now and then early next week I can tell you the outcome of the other thing.

So, here's the background... of late, there have been several mentions, well more like cheeky wee references, to marriage. Just the odd thing such as TB's Granny telling him I was a nice girl and to get a ring on there - which he told me she said, and so on.

Last night in bed we got to talking about precious metals (don't ask how we got there) and TB jokingly mentions a metal he likes. It's a metal you use to make nuts and bolts. Oooh - hilarious. What a joker. I then said 'No, no - you want to get platinum or white gold. You don't want anything that's going to chip." This chat went on for a minute more and then TB says, "Why are we talking about this anyway? I don't want a ring. I'm not even thinking about that."

Right, let me just remove that bombshell from where it's landed ON MY FACE. I recoiled, actually recoiled - and then rolled over with my back to him. "Leap year is over for this year" he added.

What the chuff? WHAT? He then realised I was not happy and tried to cuddle in, checking I was okay. Ummm, no - not okay. Not at all. We went to sleep with me still quiet, my back to him. In the morning more of the same. He tried to chat to me but I was still quiet. I thought we were both roughly on the same page. Was I completely wrong? He went off to work with me grunting goodbye from the bed. Later that morning, a lovely nicey-nice text pinged in from him. What was I up to, was I still meeting him after work. I replied nicely - but still with a cool edge. Not because I was trying to be a boot but simply because I did feel cool. In fact, there was a decided chill in the air but I don't think he realised where it was coming from...

... to be continued.


  1. Youch. But hang on, not to get hope up or anything, B consistently told me he didn't want to get married for 3 years and then when marriage started to come up more and more he then started to say he didn't know when he would propose, right up to the time when he did. Men can be very strange especially if they feel under pressure to do things not in their set timescale!

  2. I had the same thing with Matt, he'd been married before, never wanted to do it again and would always shy away from any conversations we had about it. It used to quite upset me as it wasn't my fault he'd spoilt himself already! So when he did propose, it was a right blooming shock I can tell you. Perhaps TB didn't mean it to sound quite as harsh as it did - men are not very good at tact. Hopefully you can have a word and find out exactly what he is thinking (if that's ever possible with a man).


  3. Yeah, it's weird but you can't help being cool when you feel like you've been made a bit of a fool. I'm exactly the same sometimes.

    Also in parallel is the fact that I've been thinking about marraige quite a bit too. In the way that I'd like him to want it. But, unlike you and TB, I'm getting absolute radio silence from Rich on the subject. I haven't dropped any hints or brought it up but the subject has not been mentioned.

    Hmmmm. It's a tricky one.

    I hope you and TB get to chat it out properly soon. I like the fact that he tries to get back in the good books even when you're being cool. I can see Rich doing the same thing and it's endearing even when I can't bring myself to unwind just yet...

    Lesley xx

  4. Hmm, hoping the second part of this has a happy ending. Of course you felt cold towards him. But he may not have even realised what he was saying - and may not have linked it in his mind. Men are very odd.



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