Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day two diet

Yesterday was about 85% on plan.

A large spoonful of ice cream and three very small chocs was where the damage lay. Had I not had them - it would have been perfection. The main victory is that before and after my tea and before bed, I didn't start picking at crisps or crackers. Also, the chocs were Thorntons so it's not as if it was scotbloc (been there!).

Today, things are also looking pretty good.

B: Porridge (with spoonful of banana jam)
S: Clementine, skinny praline mocha (no cream)
L: Moroccan chicken with chickpeas and small portion of couscous (leftovers)
D: Scrambled Eggs (no toast)
S: Melon

I also had the best sleep last night. I popped off pretty quickly and slept solidly through until the alarm went off at 6.50 this morning. And so I have no excuses not to go the the gym tonight straight after work.

TB is always out on a Tuesday so once I get home it's shower time and dinner time. Then I'm gonna sort some washing, empty and re-load the dishwasher, wrap two presents, practise my new hobby (more on that soon) and watch some telly. Here's to day 2!


  1. Go LC!!! SOunds like you in full strangulation mode. Keep it up!

    Lesley xx

  2. What is Scotbloc? Perhaps I'm happier not knowing?!

    Well done you, I can feel the determination in every line. I need to channel some of that myself.


    1. Scotbloc is a type of cooking chocolate that is cheaper than real chocolate. It's got a horrible synthetic taste. Yuck. But yes, I have broken into a packet and scarfed the lot before!


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