Thursday, 6 December 2012

New day every day

I'm just not quite getting it.

Day two was going SO well (as per my post). I did as promised and went to the gym. It was pretty tough. Running for 10 mins at 9.6kmph was in no way enjoyable. I think it's safe to say my fitness has gone right down the pan. However, I soldiered on and even got some kettle bell action on the go (and yes - two days later, I can hardly walk).

I got home, did all my jobs and then sat down to watch telly for half an hour. I then had a fleeting thought about a (sizable) chocolate bar that was lurking in the cupboard. The next thing I know said chocolate bar was stuffed in my face. Nice one. Smart move.

Not sure what I'm playing at. Yesterday, I had an excellent day until I got in from work and had several large handfuls of honey roast cashews. For dinner I just had two grilled pork chops and a slice of white bread and butter. Balanced, it was not.

I'm not feeling it but what choice do I have right now? I could give in to the festive feasting and not worry about it until the new year but that, dear readers, would be madness. 5 weeks of turning the other cheek will result in a very large pair of but cheeks. I just need to keep on trying. I'm going to do my best to keep on track as best I can and then I'll weigh on Monday. Ugh.

I'm having a healthy day today (day time doesn't really seem to be my problem time) and then after work I need to pop into M&S which is happens to be just opposite my gym. Spinning is on at 6pm tonight. I shall be going. It's an hour of my time (only actually 45 mins of spinning) and I'm there anyway. It would be utter madness not to go.

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  1. Oh dear... That jumping chocolate can be a little devil; I know my cupboards used to be full of it, and it had a habit of just jumping into my mouth. I could've sworn I never picked it up, but there it was, in my mouth!

    If you try not to have any temptations in your house, or make sure they're very difficult to get to, that'll ease the snacking a bit. I don't buy any sweets on a regular basis, and my OH puts his in a special stash that I don't know where it is.. It helps on that mindless snacking thing when you've actually got to rake through cupboards to find a chocolate bar!

    You've come out on the right side though; I'd just scrap that day and try again at some point in the future. Keep striving & you'll get there soon! :)


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