Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ring my bell

Four days to go and the ring saga feels like it's over shadowing my day.

We decided we didn't want to use the ringmaker at all. He said to TB that we didn't have to take the ring if we didn't want to to. So, we're not. I found a ring online last night that I think I like. It's totally different to the one we got made but I have a good feeling about it. I just hope I like it when I see it and when it's next to my engagement ring. It's being delivered on Thursday to their local branch and I'll ask TB's dad to pick it up.

But, and this is where I am unsure of how to proceed... I phoned the ringmaker to tell him we didn't want to go ahead. I then said "Do we owe you anything for your time?" to which he replied with a figure which was almost two thirds of the original price! I said "That seems an awful lot. Are you saying the materials are just xx amount?" I think he then thought I was suggesting that price was what I was offering to pay-  and that's how it was left. 

I feel he didn't ask us enough questions about what we wanted and as the person making the ring, the onus is on him to make sure he knows what he's making. Looking back, maybe we should have explained more but I didn't realise he didn't understand what we wanted. However, I specifically remember saying when I say the mock up "I want it to be as slim and as thin as possible - like a woman wants her thighs."

 So tomorrow I am now going to have to go in to see him (to get my engagement ring which he was resizing) and tell him I feel it's fair that we only pay half of what he was suggesting. Ugh. I really could be doing without this.

Also, I seem to have given myself a bit of a skin problem. I went to buy a super strong deodorant to use at the wedding but in my haste picked up some roll on thing you use at night and then wash off in the morning - which after about two weeks should stop you sweating. Seems a bit extreme but I had bought it so I thoughts, what the hell, let's give it a bash.

The first night I it was kinda stingy and itchy but no big deal. Last night it was VERY stingy and itchy but I managed to fall asleep. Thing is, I woke up this morning and my pits are agony! They are all red and tender to the touch! Ha! I am laughing as this is like something out a ruddy sit com! Roll on honeymoon. Roll on.


  1. Been thinking about you all weekend. Can't wait to hear how it all went. Hope you had a wonderful time xxx

  2. Photos!! we need photos!!!


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