Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hot tin roof

What a week that was and boy did it turn out to be a good week – Dave came home!

When I got home last Wednesday after work, I spend an hour in the pissing rain walking the streets, shouting him at the top of my voice and putting flyers through doors.  We had been concentrating on a different area to where I thought it was likely he would be (thanks to a possible sighting) and so just before going home, we swung past those houses that seemed like more likely he would be and I put flyers through 75% of the doors.

I had started to give up hope by this point and couldn’t hold back the tears. We got home and about 40 minutes later I heard the cat flap… BANG BANG! And then a very annoyed load of miaowing, as Dave came tearing into the living room. My baby! He was home! There then followed a lot of eating and a lot of shouting as he told us what happened! And then more eating. My wee sausage! He was barely wet but was really hungry so he must have been trapped in someone’s garage of shed. Thank god! There is not a scratch on him. SO so lucky. It felt like the best day ever. A weight had been lifted and I could start to look forward to my weekend away and well, the rest of my life – wedding included.

So yeah, wedding. We’re ten days away TEN DAYS! How the hell did that happen? Because I was away from Thursday - Monday I couldn’t actually do any wedding stuff, which was actually really nice. But now, it’s heads down all the way. Wheeeeee! I am excited and when I think about walking down the aisle and seeing TB waiting for me I can feel my hands starting to sweat. They are doing it right now. I am nervous but excited. The day that I’ve longed for is almost here. Holy Crap.

It’s my birthday on Friday and so my folks are coming to visit and we’re going out for tea. It’s also going to be a bit of a planning meeting to go over all things wedding. Great – a planning meeting on my birthday. Just what I always wanted.  Hmmmm. I’m sure it will be fine but I’ll need to give TB a bit of prod beforehand. I’ve mentioned the wedding meltdown I had a few weeks ago. Well, it partly came about as I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by everything we have to do (and we are doing just about everything) and while both TB and my parents are good organisers and are do-ers, they have different methodologies.

TB is a shoot from the hip, don’t worry it’ll all come together kind of guy. And it usually does. My parents are; let’s make a list, a solid plan and let’s have everything agreed in advance. And that works for them. So on one hand I’ve got my parents questioning me (and at that point I didn’t have all the answers – I still don’t!) and on the other I’ve got TB who has an idea of things in his head but he’s not sharing them with me or my parents – which is making me feel really tense and like I’m caught in the middle. 

I know my parents are feeling anxious and don’t like TB’s way of working and are concerned he’s not going to be able to do what he says he will – which then make me feel even more anxious and really defensive too. I also cannot stand being questioned about something which I have already explained (which TB’s folk’s love to do). 

This all came tumbling out the morning after a night of heavy boozing and I was still pretty drunk (staying classy). I explained that I need him to share more information and give my parents information and updates. Even if that’s not the way he likes to do it, just now - for me he has to. Mum and dad just want things to go smoothly on the day so of course they want details, but they also need to remember this is not a military operation and my dad is not the foreman of the job. TB and I are running the show.    

Since then I've felt a lot better and more relaxed about everything, and that weekend we got loads done, thank goodness. I think I was letting my parents concerns rub off on me too much. 

So Friday will be fine. I've no doubt there will be a moment when get annoyed (that's par for the course with me!) but with a week to go there won't be much we've not got figured out and I can tell the folks ALL about it.


  1. Wedding planning has got to be up there as one of the most stressful things there is. I don't know anyone who didn't reach the end wishing they'd just gone to Vegas instead.

    Fortunately once you get all the stress of the planning out the way you'll have a bloody awesome time on the actual day - even if things don't go according to plan.

    Wishing you all the best, I've been cheering you on for so many years and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I agree with Ali - the planning is stressful but soon forgotten in the joy of the day.

    And size 14 jeans? Hope that felt as wonderful as it sounds.



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