Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Come home Dave

I actually cannot think straight. 18 days to the wedding and...
  • I am on the verge of totally losing the plot food-wise. I want to eat. Lots. And have done on several occasions.
  • Dave the Cat went missing at 8pm last night and hasn't been seen since. I'm beside myself.
  • The best man has shingles.
  • I bought and can fit into a size 14 pair of jeans.
  • I've had two dreams about the wedding and me not being dressed in time/missing the whole thing.
  • I have a mega proposal to write and then 100 miles to travel to present it; before going away Thurs - Monday.
  • My wedding shoes are too tight. I  seem to be unable to order shoe stretch spray and have it delivered to my house. This is stressing me out.
  • The house is a tip
  • I wanted to try and run a sub-hour 10k before the wedding - THERE IS NO TIME.
  • I am stuck for ideas what to get for my bridesmaids that isn't jewellery.
  • I don't know if I'm sure about our first dance song.
  • If it rains the wedding will not be as good as it could be if it was sunny - compulsive long range weather forecast checking is not helping.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the best man and your cat. But 18 days is both a long and a short time - for cats to show up and best men to recover. And for shoe stretcher to arrive. And hooray for the size 14 jeans!


    - What you eat now, unless it's pure lard doesn't matter too much. You'll still fit into your dress. You'll just feel happier if the things you eat a lot of have a bit of goodness in them. But you have worked so hard - you shouldn't beat yourself up about this
    - F*ck cleaning!
    - If all else fails, you can get new shoes
    - It's OK to not do the 10k
    - Your bridesmaids will love jewellery
    - I wasn't sure about our first dance song but it was great fun. Good enough is totally OK
    - It's hard to believe, but you won't care as much about the rain afterwards. It all becomes part of the story you're creating. Honest!

    Could this be the time to say a big 'fuck it'? If it's not done now, it's all OK?

  2. I so agree with Claire! It'll all be lovely and any slight problems will become part of the story. It's the marriage that's really important. The wedding is just a day - a lovely day, but only a day.

    I do hope Dave returns, though.

  3. Oh noooo! Come home Dave! I'm sure he'll be fine - and will keep everything crossed.

    With regards the wedding - all these jitters sound about par for the course with only a couple of weeks to go. Just keep breathing! Everything will be fine.


  4. Have just read about Dave the Cat's return (on Facebook, via Shauna). SO PLEASED for you! Now all the other worries will melt into insignificance (well, apart from this rain... but it's raining so hard at the moment that I'm sure it'll all be gone by the wedding). Hurray for Dave.

  5. My friend was just telling me this week that a fail safe trick for too tight shoes is to hold them over the spout of a boiling kettle. She swears that this works. Maybe worth a try as it's free?

  6. or wear them in the house with thick socks on? (not the best look I admit!)


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