Thursday, 3 April 2014

Weigh in

A quarter of a pound off. It may be the smallest loss possible (on my scales) but it's a loss! So that's me 12stone and a quarter of a pound. Oh man, those 11's are so close I can smell them - and they smell like warm caramel!

I'd LOVE to get there for next week as it would mean I'd hit the 11's for my last wedding dress fitting. I have to confess I'm not hopeful as I plan to drink a shitload of booze this weekend as I get my send off from my hens! Wheeeeee!

Exercise this week comprised:

  • Thursday: Spinning. PT workout
  • Friday: Gym workout and 20 mins of intervals
  • Sunday: 1 hour of racketball
  • Monday: 5km run (fast)
  • Wednesday 5km run (fast
In general I am feeling goo-oooood! Apart from the fact I bought a 34 B bra and it fits (with even a little room!) my size 16 jeans are all too baggy around the waist and top. I bought a couple of size 12 tops off the peg today and they all fit perfectly. So I'm just gonna keep on keeping on and enjoy life.


  1. That is just awesome (and I'm not even ashamed of the Americanism!). You have a fabbie hen do and the 11s will be there soon.

    Big celebratory hugs!

    Lesley xx

  2. And from me! You certainly deserve the baggy jeans and the fun hen. (Or, in Scots: ... the fun, hen.)

  3. Hope you don't mind me jumping in here,LC (I'm a terrible lurker!) but just wanted to give you a cheer for being such a superstar. Those 11's are a breath away. :-)

    Bit worried that they smell like 'warm caramel', mind - the more accurate (but not as enticing, I guess) is like an underfilled sports bra. *sigh* I'm with you on that one. Having started running in middle age (OMG!!!) for just a couple of years, I love my toned legs and butt, but miss my banging cleavage. Hey ho!

  4. Oooh looking forward to the hen do post!

    And the 11s! Wowzer! SO well done.


  5. where have you gone?!


Go on then, spill.