Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Several thousand words

This is it. This is the run up - the real period of excitement before the wedding. 

Holy crap. How did this happen so quickly! TB and I are now, pretty much doing little else except wedding planning. Well, not so much planning - we are doing. The time for long winded discussions is past - it is time to buy that card, order those tables, stock pile that booze, make those place-names and pay that money. Oooohhhhohhhhhh- the money. Let's just not even. 

Since the wedding meltdown (which I have yet to tell you about) I am feeling a lot calmer and a lot more excited! It does help that the list is being ticked off at a rate of knots. In between that I am feeling mostly normal with a side portion of intense emotion. Almost just had a wee cry at my desk when my colleague said: "What's lovely is that everyone there on your wedding day is so happy for you.". I cannot take this! Too much, too much.

I can't even remember what actually happened over the long weekend (there is no room in my brain) so instead here is a selection of pics from my phone.


*Dave in the back garden eying up a birdie
*Poached eggs for brunch
*Sorting material for bales to sit on at the wedding
* Tomato, lettuce and coriander from the neighbour
*Wedding signs and barrels prepped for holding booze
*Our local junk yard. Acres of total rubbish
*More wedding signs
*Total change of heart about the jar decoration to this version
*Photo frames for our table plan
*Freshly cut grass and the first barbecue of the year

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