Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Daylight Saving PB

The clocks have gone forward and what better way to make the most of the lighter evenings that being outside. I do enjoy me some outside time.

I'm not able to go swimming tonight as I'm meeting a friend to get a manicure (oh yeah,  living the life of Riley - and some dodgy green nail varnish destroyed my nails some months ago and they are still wrecked) so last night I made the decision to pop out for a quick run.

I got home from work, prepared some aubergine for roasting, popped it in the oven and then headed out for a 'quick' 5k.  When I say quick, I mean fast. Normally a run for me involves getting into a good rhythm and plodding away. Admittedly that plodding is getting slightly faster but last night I decided to really try and go for it. I threw myself around my little 5.17km circuit as quickly as I could go, hoping for not much more than 30mins. I did it in 29mins and 22 seconds! A new all time record - and it was outside with a few hills thrown in for good measure.

It felt good. Really good. What also feels good is this weekend it's.... my hen doo! I cannot actually believe it's actually here! I am actually getting married and I am having my very own hen do. I'm living the moments I day dreamed about for so long.

Unlike TB, who has been quite involved in planning his 4 day and 3 night extravaganza to Berlin (!) I only know that I've got a weekend in Scotland and I've to pack a swimming costume. That's it!  I don't know where it is or how I'm getting there!

*4.30pm sun
*Exhausted Dave
*Wedding sign making

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