Friday, 28 March 2014

Skinny love

Yesterday I had an interim health screening with my PT.

When I first met him in early Feb my body fat was measured as 40%. You may recall I was shocked and a little sceptical about this number.  Considering I was feeling pretty fit and the slimmest I had ever been, it seemed pretty high.

Well it is no longer 40%. It is now 33% Check that out! I've dropped 7% of body fat in 7 weeks! How good is that! I am so chuffed about it. It really does show that the scales are not to be trusted. I know I'm always going to place stock in what they say but that figure has really helped me to try and have a bit more perspective.  I must remember this next time they don't play ball.

So all in all, I'm feeling flipping fantastic. I was working out with the female personal trainer yesterday and I was talking about my fitness progress. As I said, "I'm really proud of myself", I could feel the words catching in my throat, and tears pricking at my eyes. Those words aren't flippant. They are not throwaway, I am proud of myself. God, emotions are running high!

Speaking of tears... we have our wedding reading! And it's thanks to Seren! Thank you so much, my love. After you suggested Invisible Kisses I read the poem. I loved it but when I watched the youTube clip of Lemin Sissay reciting it, I  couldn't hold back the tears. I knew it was the one. When TB got home I told him that I'd found our reading - our hours of searching were over. He read it, watched it... and agreed. Just like that! Thank you, thank you! I am so delighted with it.

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