Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Last night as I was getting changed into my cossie to go swimming I tried on a dress which I've never fitted into very well.

A pinstripe shift dress, at my slimmest it's always been just a little too tight around the bottom (quelle surprise). Last night, without tights, it went on - and with wiggle room to spare. Horay! Although the blessed thing is too big on the top now! What problems!

Inspired by this result, I rooted around at the back of the wardrobe and pulled out an outfit that I remember wearing when I felt the best I have ever felt. A red halterneck, wide legged catsuit. I wore this to my school Christmas Dance in 1996. I was 16 (yes, I peaked WAY too soon). I can't ever see me wearing this number ever again but that doesn't mean I don't want to fit into it!

I've tried it on a few times over the past few years and while I could get it one, there was no way I was getting it done up. Oh HELLO! On and done up in one fell swoop! Boooom! Yes, it's tight and realistically to be where I was when I wore at aged 16 I reckon I'd need to lose at least another half stone but holy crap... I'm wearing the the outfit I wore when I was half this age. Say WHAAAAAAAT?!

If you look ahead to the next six months after I wore it, I actually packed on quite a few pounds (oh hello study leave) and so right now, I'm rocking my 17 year old bod! Insane. Totally bonkers.

It's weigh in tomorrow but who cares what they are saying when the red dress (okay, it's a catsuit!) is telling a story of its own.

Finally, here's a quick exercise recap:
  • Thursday: PT session
  • Friday: Gym workout and 18 mins interval training
  • Monday: 5 mile run (at a new all time fast pace). 45 mins badminton
  • Tuesday: 30 minute swim


  1. Wow, congrats!!! What a great result! :)

  2. That is beyond awesome! Now we must see a pic of this catsuit... 'mon then! ;)


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