Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weigh in

Plain sailing and a down ward trend for more than a week was never going to happen, was it? Don't answer that.

3/4 of a pound on this morning. Ach, fine. The numbers are not playing ball and after last weeks tremendous loss, it's not really a shock. I know I'm doing all I can. I know I'm feeling great - and so onwards with the ping pong battle I shall go!

My PT sessions this morning was not enjoyable. It was pretty much an hour of 20 second full on sprints with 40 seconds recovery. Holy mamma - it was hard going. After the second time it feels like you're trying to run through toffee. Mmmm toffeee.

Then at lunchtime I went to spinning which was tough going as my legs felt pretty much like lead but I went and the week is off to a flying start. I actually had a bit of a 'moment' in the class. The music was pumping and for some reason I could feel my eyes pricking with tears. I was so close to properly having a wee cry and I had to really concentrate on shaking it off. Emotions, endorphins, hormones... who knows.

Okay, I must be off as tomorrow I'm out at about all day - gym, hair trial and wedding dress fitting (oh god, I hope I like what I asked for/they've made) and then we're having a family weekend at ours so I need to get changing beds and cooking so I'm not stuck in the kitchen the whole time. I'm about to rustle up:

  • Spicy sweet potato and chicken stew
  • Healthy cottage pie (cauliflower mash and with turkey mine)
  • Spinach, pea and pesto soup
  • Meatballs

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