Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wedding planning committe breaks bride

I am having a small FREAK OUT about the wedding.

The weekend started on a high note when I went to my dress fitting. It turns out I LOVE my dress. The veil is amazing and it's all just... flipping amazing. So happy. So so happy. Now that I've seen it without pins and it actually fits (although I feel a separate post about back fat is required - ugh) I am excited to wear it and I felt properly like a bride when I had it on.

Almost all the wedding invitations are out and I've been getting great feedback about them - this wedding train is a-rolling! Whoopppeee!

And then, TB went to view the wedding venue on Sunday with my parents, his parents, my brother and his wife (and my nephew!). It was a pretty tense affair. Decision by committee is not a good idea. Apart from the fact people kept asking me things which I had just that second explained and has to repeat all over again, there were a LOT of opinions flying about the place.

We have three plans for the wedding.  Plan A, it's dry and we get married outside. Plan B, it's not quite 100% dry but not definitely raining and we have a canopy shelter thing erected. Plan C, it's raining for sure and we use the marquee.

TB has an idea for a canopy thing we're going to erect for our Plan B. He explained it a little and my dad's face was a picture. A picture of  'No, that's never going to work.' So then TB ends up giving one word answers and I feel like I'm caught in the middle as everyone else starts piling in with their thoughts. Aaaaaargh! What do you do when you totally trust your dad's opinion which is that your future husband's idea won't work - but you also have total faith in him?! Rock, meet hard place.

I ended up snapping at people and getting generally annoyed with being questioned - and then questioned again, mostly by TB's dad who heard everything I said the first time and then asked me the same thing 3 actual seconds later! At one point I honestly thought he was joking as I had actually just explained something at length and then he asked me again! I even said: "Are you being funny?" Give me strength.

TB and I need to decide what we want and how we're going to make it work with the help of everyone around us (which we will need.) But the wedding is... less than 10 weeks away! My palms actually started sweating when I thought about that just there! We spent 3 hours last night trying to find a reading that we like - and we still didn't find it! We're both away this weekend and have friends visiting next weekend. Aeeeee- too much to do. I also need to stop reading wedding blogs - these women are not real and must have WAY too much time on their hands to paint old ladders and look out wedding pics of their parents and grandparents, which seems to be the thing to do! We will not be doing it.


  1. You'll be absolutely fine. Just lots of deep breathing and remember, all the important bits (i.e. you...him...your relationship) are in place and everything else is just extra sparkliness.

    And am intrigued about the painting old ladders reference. Are ladders somehow significant....?


  2. Ha ha I've been there and now can be insufferably smug as I've come out the other side. One tip - getting loads of people involved in arrangements at the beginning is a road to stressville. Just book/decide on what you want and then tell everyone else closer to the time what you want them to do. They don't all have to like it, and even the naysayers will say they loved it once the event is over (I had a similar thing with my Mum & what I call "baconsandwichgate")
    I've seen the grandparents photo thing done at weddings and thought it was sweet. We don't have photos for our grandparents (too old/poor to have photos at the time) so had a pic of us both aged 6 by the cake which was fun.
    Don't understand the ladder significance at all, but did make my table plan and mum sewed the placecards. My wedding was very low key and organised to be minimum stress/cost so I had plenty of time to do it in.
    Good luck - the stress will be worth it!

  3. PS looking at wedding websites such as rock my wedding etc nearly gave me a full on panic attack. I think most of those "real weddings" with hay bales, photo booths etc are just a load of poseurs who've done everything to be "quirky". Am half considering submitting my own for all those imperfect people out there, but probably wouldn't get accepted!

  4. What sort of readings are you looking for? Happy to send ours over - I LOVED them and one of my friends has used one of them since. I'll see if I can find your email - otherwise email me.

    Ignore those sites - bet their marriages are horrible because it was all about the prettiness of the day. No, that's an awful thing to say but your day will be wonderful YOUR way because it's about YOU and the people YOU love.




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