Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Doing and Dealing

How are we nearing the end of April. HOW?

I'll tell you how, life has been so crazy busy that the days are passing in a mahoosive blur. The kind of blur that makes me feel entirely exhausted and just a leetle bit over sensitive! Using the wrong jug to froth milk? I will take you down. You know, that kind of over sensitive.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today (so I am allowed to be irrational - OKAY?!)  and boy, am I feeling it. I'm still don't have the biggest of bumps but I am really aware of the extra weight I'm lugging around. When I stand up, I can feel it all going into my pelvis and lower back. Even when I lie down, there is just... this weight. Walking is slow. I am slow! With just three weeks to go until my due date though, this is pretty good going I reckon. I am tired, mind you. I feel wiped. Physically and mentally.

Even though we had a week away on holiday we just haven't stopped. For months. It's just been constant. TB'd dad was giving me a row last week for painting. I didn't want to be painting. Let's make that clear - I am over it! But the carpet was coming, and this baby is coming. Shit's gotta get done.

I did lose the plot a few days later when I was trying to paint the lower wall and it just wasn't happening (bending down is not part of my range any more). The tears came and through my wailing I tried to explain to TB that I'd had enough and maybe it would be easier to just go back to being two. Just us. How's that's possible I don't know but at the time it seemed like a very appealing idea. I'm definitely getting more teary again. Work has been proper mental too, which has been getting me down but I've broken the back of a VERY challenging project and I've just got this week and next - and then I am DONE!

After my painting meltdown we did get bedroom finished before the carpet arrived on Monday. So we're back in our bedroom, the baby's chest of drawers is built up and stocked. We are gaining control!  I also got my kitchen shelves up which I am love with. I've been planning these for quite some time! You gotta love those jobs where you can select a few lovely items and place them with care. I've been dreaming about using my new le creuset tea pot for over a year!

The rest of the house is bonkers messy though. I got a huge pile of baby clothes from my sister in law (which I've washed and put away), along with various bouncy chairs, a Moses basket and other stuff I've not had a chance to look at. Lucky me! But where does all this new stuff go?

 It's all been chucked into our front room that has no furniture in it (which we are lucky to have) but it  has sort of been our DIY dumping ground. Currently there are piles of kitchen cabinet off-cuts, our old cooker, paint pots, bits of an old kitchen table, ALL the tools - as well as our new pram and car seat!  Just shutting the door on it just now. Cannot deal. Don't actually need to deal - this is what I must remind myself. We have done a power of work. Not everything needs to be sorted in one go.

I've been really excited to have our baby, but also scared. What have we let ourselves in for? My mindset kind of changed at the weekend. My childhood best friend was due six days before me. She had to get induced early and had her baby on Sunday; a wee girl. She's got her baby. She knows what she looks like. I want to meet mine. I can't wait.


  1. So excited for you. I remember that feeling of just being over it - it's kind of like ok I've done the pregnancy bit so just lets get on with the next bit. Hoping I might be able to meet young Master/Miss - will be over again just after Christmas for about 3 weeks so will make a huge effort to catch up. Love Z xx

  2. Almost ther! You sound like you are coping well. Hope it all goes great and the baby doesn't keep you waiting.
    Love love love the kitchen shelves! X
    Bron x

  3. Oh I'm so excited for you (you look so beautiful the pic with stripy top & lippie below... swoon!) You must be so flipping knackered after all that work but dang the kitchen looks ace. I miss you gazillions! Hug hug hug.

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  6. Just a quick note to say I'm thinking of you every day right now. Hopefully you're relaxing and enjoying those final child free days, or perhaps you're enjoying brand new baby snuggles. Whichever it is, wishing you the best during this most magical time :)


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