Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Shaping up - and out

Hols were fab.

Lazy and fab. There was a lot of lounging around, reading, napping and eating. Perfect. I'm really feeling the extra weight so it was just what I wanted. Getting myself up off a low seat or couch and tying my shoe laces are no longer easy tasks so throwing on a sun dress and  pair of flip flops was just about my limit.

We got home really late on Sunday night, got up at lunchtime on Monday and came back to work on Tuesday. However, things at home have progressed a good deal as we came home to two new velux windows in the room we're cutting in half to make two smaller rooms, and our bedroom is totally plastered ready for painting. On top of that the kitchen floor is finished and our dining table and sideboard arrived on Monday.

So finally, we have a (just about) completed kitchen. Sitting at the table to eat our tea on Monday night felt amazing! Last night we unpacked our remaining wedding gifts (which was most of them!) and got them put away/in use/on the wall. Only taken us the best part of a year! It's been worth the wait though. Hello le creuset tea pot and Orla Kiely cake tins! I must get some pics.

That's the house - all coming along nicely. A bit like the pregnancy! I've got 5 weeks until my due date. Holy crap. So that means it could be three weeks or seven weeks. My palms just got a bit sweaty. I am not even joking.

The baby is wriggling ALL. THE. TIME. It's wee bottom often pushes out just above my belly button and there is a foot on the left hand side that loves to poke out. It's the weirdest thing. I love it but I am feeling so crushed in there - especially when I am sitting at my desk all day long. The baby weighs about five and a half pounds so that means there are still a good two or more to go. How it's all going to fit in there I do not know. It really tight as it with gasp inducing punches getting lower all the time. Ouch!

I had an appointment on Monday with the midwife who gave me the usual once over - blood pressure, bump measurements etc. and as has been the way with the whole pregnancy - textbook. The baby is in the right position and I am feeling fine so all good. I've been really lucky. We talked through my birth plan which I am pretty relaxed about. Actually, I'm pretty relaxed about the whole labour part. Sure, when I think about it, my heart goes a little faster and the thought of squeezing a human out my vagina makes me wince but I'm not worried about it. This baby is going to come out one way or the other so there is no point in getting worked up about it or having a fixed way in mind that I want to do things. Although fast and pain free would be lovely!


  1. I'm now less than a week from my due date and I don't understand how it's possible for the baby to still fit in there! My belly is stretching all over the place as though somebody is poking around inside a balloon and I can't sit completely upright any more because the baby's so low! Isn't it the weirdest thing?!

    Hope everything keeps going smoothly for you - can't wait to hear about your wee one!


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