Friday, 24 September 2010

Crunch Time

Great advice from everyone - as per usual. Do you think we should form some sort of collective life coaching circle? Well, I suppose that's what blogging is a lot of the time.

This is just a quickie as I'm running out the door but I wanted to let you know the score.

So, I met Moonraker last night as planned. I was so nervous before he arrived. I felt so sick and edgy. I was meeting him in a bar where I had been working using their wifi for a few hours (I was on my laptop doing my own work - not behind the bar!). The seat I was sitting on was covered in that faux leather, plastic material stuff and I was totally sweating! Okay - too much info but you get the gist, I was far from relaxed.

Anyway- he arrived and we got food. And talked. And talked. And unexpectedly, I came to a decision. I honestly didn't think I would, certainly not last night, but Moonraker said a few things that got me thinking and it kind of just... fell into place.
I need to tell you what he said that made me come to this conclusion. And the conclusion... is that I've just booked flights for ToyBoy and my long weekend away. So long Moonraker.  


  1. Can I just say a woo hoo. Good decision hon, unless a man is 100% on you, why go back? Been there and done that and though it worked out for me, I know how rare it is.

    Plus toyboys all the way!

  2. Yay! I got little goosebumps when I read the last part! Good for you. Hope you're feeling strong in this decision. I recently read a quote that I don't think I'd ever heard before. "Never make someone a priority when they would only consider you an option." Seems fitting.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This makes me happy! :)

  4. "Never make someone a priority when they would only consider you an option." - DUDE that is brilliant.

    So glad things fell into place! Bring on the long weekend... OF FABULOUS SHAGGING.

  5. i wish this were facebook so i could 'like' Shauna's comment. LIKE!

  6. Just love Glam's quote - brilliant. And like the others I feel like you've made the better decision and as Shauna says - now go and enjoy that delicious ToyBoy and shag yourself silly!!! Zxxx

  7. FABBY FABBY FABBY DO!!!! I am over the moon for you. Nice choice.

  8. Good for you.

    And I'm so glad you're being more anon in your blog. I was always a bit worried about this.

    I mean, I'm not particularly. But I write about plants and cats.

    (Not really Anon. Isabelle.)


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