Saturday, 18 September 2010

Third time lucky

The number three is a very relevant one. Well, at this moment in time anyway. This is my third blog. The first two  have been... well, both good and bad. They've brought wonderful people into my life and given me more support during times of need than I could ever imagine but they've also brought huge complications as while they've been anonymous it doesn't take a genius to work out who the hell who is who.

And so it's time for a fresh start and to get back to the halcyon blogging days. The days when I would crack a blog off willy nilly and not care a jot who read it or what they thought. No self censorship here! No names, places or giveaways that say just a little bit too much.

The other reason that the number three is relevant is that this year has featured three significant relationships - two of which ended in heartbreak; my heartbreak. The first was me loving someone who was never going to love me back. I always knew this deep down but I fully realised how deep I had gotten in and the reality of the situation this year. The second was someone who told me after just a few dates that he loved me. Soon enough I loved him back and then just four months later.... he decided he was wrong. He didn't love me anymore. Thanks for that. Nice one. Ooh - you will never guess who has just texted me while I'm writing about him! Ha - number two, hello. Looks like I'll have some blogging fodder on that very soon...

Number three - is in it's infancy. We live 200 miles apart and have just spent the last two days together. That makes four in total. So, I suppose it's more of a newborn rather than an infant.

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