Thursday, 3 February 2011

You feel me?

I'm not too sure what's going on with my emotions and hormones and the moment but I am all over the place.

Life is good. I'm in love, my company is doing really well and my work life balance is excellent. Who can proclaim such great things?

So why am I am crying at the drop of a hat? I feel really emotional and I don't know why. I got some really happy news about one of my best friends last night, which I'll post about soon, and while I'm really pleased for her it's just about sent me over the edge of a very emotional cliff.

I'm sure part of the reason is linked to the fact my last time of the month was 2 weeks early. Unexpectedly my boobs are really sore - as if it's imminent again but if that's the case, I'm on a fortnightly cycle! Eh... no thanks. What the hell is going on?

It's been two weeks since I've seen TB and I'm struggling with that too. We speak everyday but in my current frame of mind I feel like my chat is running dry. There is only so much 'today I've been...' that you can take. I just want to see him. I just want a cuddle.


  1. Oh I'm with you. I'm an emotional wreck at the moment. And ditto on the 2 weeks early! And the sore boobs! What the hell is happening to us? x

  2. Bloody hormones. Poor you. I prescribe a small but delicious brownie (have emailed you the recipe)



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