Saturday, 7 July 2012

King Pin

Despite the fact the scales are non movers and are generally 6lbs away from where I would like them to be, and my lowest ever weight (pah! What's 6lbs?! I do need to get  a grip sometimes), I am feeling quite body confident at the moment.

In just seven days I'm off to a camp for two weeks. There is no getting away from the fact it's going to be wet. It's going to be muddy. To this end, I've decided "Ball to it!. I'm gonna rock the wellies and shorts". With a thick pair of tights then I don't see why not. Yes, I've got a blummin sturdy pair of pins but they are pretty toned right now and I've worked hard to make them into the bad boys they are today. Of course, I'd love them to be slimmer but I always look back at pics and think - "You looked great! Why the chuff didn't you enjoy it and make the most of it?"

Here's an outfit I rocked today to cope with this delightful rain. Complete with my new leopard print wellies. I tried to get some leg specific pics - which involved standing on stool and taking them in the mirror, hence why they look so blummin weird. Apologies for the horrific mess around my mirror.

So day 1 in the new job starts on Monday. Here's the food plan till I suss out the lay of the land i.e. is there a microwave.

B: Porridge at home
Mid Morning: Apple
Lunch: Fruit & Yogurt (loads) and cold meat (not at the same time!)
Mid Avo: More fruit probs
Dinner: Unknown - TB is cooking (healthiness has been briefed!


Go on then, spill.