Friday, 7 September 2012

Plan of Fakery

The last couple of days have followed the same pattern as the past week. Have a really great day diet wise and the ruin it in the evening by mindlessly eating rubbish.

Not a whole lotta rubbish, but crisps, a few biscuits and half a jam sandwich. You get the gist. I just cannot seem to find the drive. Where is the drive?! I want to be eating better and I really want to be exercising (curse you, sore hip) but I seem to just kinda forget about it when faced with the kitchen cupboard.

So I'm gonna have to do what I always do when I don't feel motivated - fake it till I make it. And here is my plan of fakery.

Tomorrow morning  - weigh in. Gads. Do not want to do it. It has to happen though. The scales and I need to reconnect. We have to reconnect. I have a very quiet weekend planned. The only thing on the cards is a black tie do on Saturday night. I need to watch the wine, but it doesn't pose too much of a problem. I am also planning to meal plan, do a big food shop and bake. Whooooa there... bake? Yes, bake. I really want to. I never do it as I just want to eat it all and so I'm going to make a cake and take the whole thing into the office. That way I can't pick at it once it's finished.

As for the rest of the week, I have simply got to get my sweat on. I know I feel better and want to eat better when I am in the workout zone, so...

Monday: Spinning after work
Tuesday: Nothing (driving to the parent's after work)
Wednesday: Very light run in the morning followed by some squats etc.
Thursday: Spinning or bike ride (weather dependent)
Friday: Possible light run

Now, I know there word 'running' is written above. And, I know I'm still not supposed to run but, I've been doing my strengthening exercises and I will do lots more before Wednesday when I plan to do a light run. I'm only going to do a couple of slow miles to see how things go.

Feel better already for having written all that out. Now, I must not go nuts tonight since it's weigh in tomorrow. Must banish any thoughts of 'one last night' eating.

Have a lovely weekend darlings. x


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan. Hope the black tie do was fun (love that that's an "only" in your world!).


  2. Ha! It's not that it's not lovely going to a black tie do isn't quite the event, I just meant that I had nothing else on at the weekend - that was the only thing. x


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