Monday, 10 September 2012

Weigh in

The avoidance of 'last night before the diet' mentality didn't really happen. Honestly, it was more of an indulgence with a touch of gluttony.

We ended up having a bit of impromptu night out and ordering a take-away. I did not want to get a take-away but there were a few of us and that seemed to be the majority rule. It's really hard in those instances to pipe up. That's when healthy = boring. So we got a chinese and I ate and I ate. I also knocked back the booze and then when I came home I ate some leftovers. So pretty much, I went for it.

The next morning weighing was weighing on my mind. And for good reason. 13ston 0.25lbs. Crap. That means I've gained half a stone in about a month. Nice one. Really good job. Idiot! I'm hoping a couple of those pounds will vanish pretty quickly as I was laden with salty food but regardless of the number I just have to get the hell on with it. 3 weeks till holiday and counting.

My weekend eating was pretty good but not good enough to be honest. The food at the black tie do was insane - so good and the portions were massive. I turned down bread with the duck starter. I couldn't finish my massive chicken and veg maincourse. I picked at the summer fruits creme brulee but I did eat the two mini white chocolate cookies that came with it.

The only other downfall at the weekend was licking the hell out of the pot I made the butterscotch sauce for Nigella's butterscotch layer cake. This cake is gorgeous. Really moist and the toffee/cream cheese icing works really well with the sweetness of the cake. Yum! I had a tiny slice to test it and the rest is now in the office being eaten by my colleagues. Phew. I love baking though. It's always such a danger as I want to lick and pick and well... just eat it all. I've decided though, I am definitely going to do more. I love it too much to banish it.

It was so good being at home for the  whole weekend rather than diving off to other parts of the country seeing other people. I do love being busy and being away but sometimes you just wanna potter around at home. And I did more than potter. I got washing done, a big food shop, hoovered the stairwell, looked at cookbooks, baked, meal planned, watched a film, had a long lie, changed beds. And I got to bust out my new duvet cover that I got with my Tesco points for practically nothing thank to the double rewards offer.

Tonight I'm going to the gym after work and I'm hoping I'll be able to get into a spinning class. It's doubtful as it's fully booked so I need a drop out so I can steal their slot. Regardless, I will get my sweat on one way or another. 5 day to kick it till weigh in.


  1. Good Luck with getting back on track I hope weigh in goes okay for you. I know how hard it is when you have a big gain. I did the same and it was hard to get back on focus especially with holiday coming soon.

  2. I don't know if you've heard of this two-day a week "fasting" diet. It's been in the news a lot, with Michael Mosely trying it out for himself. The idea is that two days per week - any two - you eat only 500 calories, but the rest of the time you eat sensibly but normally. This means that the body doesn't go into starvation mode because it doesn't have time. I'm in my third week of it and am losing 2 pounds a week so far. And it's not too bad, because 500 cals isn't nothing and it's only for a day at a time, days that you can choose according to what's happening in your life. Worth trying? Though I think you look lovely anyway.


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