Friday, 24 October 2014

Heffalumping along

I've done it - I'm back in the 13s. 13stone 2.75lbs to be exact. Sad face. And oh boy, can I feel it.

I wore a dress this week that I bought last winter. I felt SO good in that dress before. This week, every time I stood up I had to hold my tummy in in case someone asked me if I was pregnant. Not because I am pregnant, because I am piggy with a sticky out tummy that has been stuffing her piggy face.

Even though I can now actually see where I have gained weight (face, thighs and body), I'm trying my best keeping an eye on the positives.

  • I don't feel sick any more! 
  • I went to spinning last Friday, and today. It was hard but hey, I did it. An hour class too.
  • I'm actually enjoying fruit. How good are conference pears at the moment?
  • Got some balsamic beef creation in the slow cooker - v healthy and hopefully delicious.
  • I'm seeing my PT next week for the first time in ages.
  • I got a shit load  of dentistry for free this week. 
That all makes me sound saintly. Far from it. Today has been really healthy apart from two of those sloop waffle biscuits and about five custard creams. But that is healthy - in comparison to the last 10 days! Haha. Gotta laugh or I might cry. The weeping heffer.

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  1. The weeping heifer who is going to spinning classes so is also a heroic, weeping and skinny heifer!! L xx


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