Monday, 6 October 2014

Five and three

So the healthy eating isn't going too well.

Same old, really. I start the day with good intentions but by dinner time those intentions are long gone.

I'm feeling so much better than I was but still quite sicky and so I'm still looking for more comforting foods. Fruit and veg are not those foods. And then there is habit. It's so easy to get out of the habit of eating healthily. Scarily easy. A 'normal' breakfast for me is two eggs scrambled, maybe with some ham or spinach. Now, I'm automatically having a slice of toast too. Four months ago, that would have been unheard of.

We've also had a few weekends at home (bliss) for the first time in months and that has resulted in cosy nights watching a film, with some treats. Slippery slope. Very.

Exercise wise - things are a little better. I went for a 5k run on Thursday which I did in just over 33 mins. That is slooo-oow for me. I found it tough though and had to walk a few times for 30 seconds. I was pleased I did it though. TB has been fancying going out for a run and so on Saturday I took him on my usual 5k route.

I had to admit, I was really annoyed he found it quite easy. We went at my pace which he was holding back on as he wanted to take a longer stride. We did it in just over 32 mins (better!) but I reckon he could do it faster than that. Which is bloody annoying. He's never run before and now he's talking about going out on his own - and he's better than me! Running was my thing and I was the best at it (cause he didn't actually do it!) and now he's taken over! Why did he not come out with me when I wasn't pregnant and fitter? Grrrrrr.

I do have to remember though, I am pregnant and it is affecting me, whether I like it or not. I really pushed at the end of our run together and it was tough. Like going back to the start again! What is giving me some smug satisfaction though, is the fact TB's legs are killing him yesterday and today! Haha! Watching him getting up and down from sitting on the couch is highly amusing - especially when I feel fine!

On Thursday I weighed in at 12stone 13.5lbs. I'm teetering dangerously close to those bloody 13's but on the positive side, since I've been up the proverbial I have actually only put on about 3lbs. Considering how much I've been eating, it's not that bad!

To try and keep me on the straight and narrow for as long as possible. here is my plan... Five portions of fruit and veg and day, three workouts a week. Any idiot can do that!

This week I've done two 5ks and tomorrow I'm going to do a weights session - my first in three weeks. Ugh. I'm still feeling super hungry but that might be because I am used to eating more over these past few weeks, rather than anything else. Today I've really made an effort though.

B: porridge & half a banana
L: Homemade tha red curry and lentil soup. Half a ham & avo sarnie. 
S: Smoothie with coconut milk, mango, nectarine, banana & maca powder. Two clementines
D: (Will be) Morrocan turkey meatballs & cous cous, broccoli

There's about seven portions in there.

It's not a water tight plan but if it means I'm more likey to reach for a piece of fruit than a slice of toast - wonderful.

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  1. I'm normally an energetic person who doesn't need much sleep but when I was pregnant (3 times) I was permanently tired and went to bed at 9.30. You need to remember that your body is using a lot of energy growing your baby, so don't push yourself. You have the rest of your life to do that. Look after yourself and yes, eat sensibly but ... umm... you will put on weight, but it's not really you - it's the baby. And in a few months you'll not get much opportunity to rest so take it now!

    I too felt sickish the whole time and found that satsumas helped. Oh yes, and crisps...

    Very exciting, though!


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