Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Baby talk

Now that I am ‘with child’, I've noticed there is a phrase people use time and time again. No –one asks me how I am, they all ask – how are you keeping.  

I think it’s a special phrase just for pregnant women. There also seems to be a list of vocabulary that is used by people who have babies, which I find… well, it’s just wording that makes my skin crawl. Let me elaborate.

·         Filled her/his nappy. Holy crap, pardon the pun. Could this be any more descriptive? Why can’t people just say “I think he has done the toilet”. Or if they must communicate that it’s more than just a wee wee, use the words “number” and “two”.
·         On the boob. Again, is there really any need? What’s wrong with just saying feeding/breast feeding.
·         Change your bum. This makes no sense. Nappy. You change a nappy.
·         Put him/her down. It’s a baby going for a sleep, not an animal you are taking to the vet.

To be honest, there are many MANY phrases and words that really get under my skin – not just ones that are pregnancy related but these really do take the biscuit, or rusk, if you will. 

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