Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Rumbling on

I'm pretty crap and this blogging malarkey these days.

When your blog is predominantly about diet and fitness, of which there is currently very little, what is there to say? I also don't want to bang on about pregnancy the whole time as quite frankly; dull.

It's not that I don't  have anything to say (far from it!), it's just that I'm not used to taking those more general thoughts and making them blog worthy. I'm gonna though. Life is hurtling on and I do want to chat about what is going on.

Although, it really is all about the kitchen renovation still. I am now totally kitchen-less as the sink came out last week and the cooker on Sunday night. Ugh. We are making progress though! The plasterer is in this week and as soon as he is finished we will begin painting! Horay!

I'm also trying to get on top of other general tidying. There has been a massive pile of filing that I've done my best to ignore for months and yesterday I spent 3 hours tackling it. It kinda looks worse now that I've made 5 mini piles but I'm telling ya, progress!

Last week I ran a 5k, no stopping,  in 35 mins. I was pretty bloody chuffed with myself to be honest. Just shows, although it's a lot slower than I was, there is still fitness there! This week I'm doubtful I'll manage to see my PT but a run or spinning on Friday could be the thing.

I've got my Christmas work do on Friday and with the right tights I am hoping I can get away with wearing a red dress I've got. I'm still, to the normal person's eye, bumpless.


  1. It's always nice to hear about what you're doing, all the same.

  2. Your 'lack of kitchen' should be a temporary inconvenience because of repair, but do not fret. You just need to purge yourself of the bad vibes and embrace the little odd victories of life more often, as well as some of the big ones. Anyway, I hope that your sink utterly delivers in terms of utility, purpose and sleekness. All the best!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

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  4. You have a simple, but interesting thought. Renovating a kitchen can be quite disturbing and delaying things is really uncomfortable, although I'm sure your sink and your cooker has been repaired by now. Just look on the brighter side of things move forward to the change a new kitchen will bring you. Have a great day!

    Mindy Powers @ The Plumbing Authority


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