Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive living

I totally forgot to weigh myself today but I do have quite positive news on that front - the weight gain seems to have slowed a little! Horay! The past month went a little something like this....

  • 13 stone 6.5
  • 13 stone 8.25
  • 13 stone 11.25
  • 13 stone 8.5
So really, I stayed the same for about three weeks! That's a  result in my book! I've been seeing my PT once a week and he's also given me some exercises to do at home to help try and strengthen my back/bottom so that when I do (eventually) begin to get a bump and the natural way to stand is to stick your bottom out, I've got some support there. It's only 10 mins of exercises a night  - I just need to get my backside in gear and actually do them! Ha, see I made a wee joke there? Overall I've gained just under a stone - and we're a week away from halfway people! That really isn't as bad as it could be. And let's not forget my boobs were a B cup, I am now sporting a rock hard D. TB is delighted.

I went to spinning on Friday. Felt totally fine at the time and then about 4pm I totally nose dived. Felt pretty sick and was just so flippin tired. My PT says I just need to take it down a notch on the high intensity stuff. Hard to take it down a notch in a spin class when the instructor is shouting at you to go faster and harder! In stark contrast to last year when I ran 5miles on Christmas Eve, Tuesday's PT session is my last workout pre Christmas.

Man, I am really missing the intense exercise. I forced myself to get ito the right head space for it and lived it properly for 9 months. I love a challenge and although I struggle with the weight loss side of things I was so proud of how I kicked the arse out of running, and general exercise last year and I felt SO good about myself. I just need to relax my mindset and know that I will have a mega challenge, that I can totally handle, (positive thinking!) ahead of me once the baby is born - and I can muster up the energy to leave the house!  

Hair. I am really loving having shorter hair. I just took this snap this second to try and show it off. Excuse the odd lip purse that I'm rocking. I'm finding that I do prefer it when it's curled a little but as a result I am fast losing feeling in my finger tips as I keep burning myself with the ruddy wand. Have just ordered a heat resistant glove.

All three of my pussycats are just being so fricking lovely just now. So cuddly and just unbelievably cute. Papa Lazarou really does think he is a baby. Every night he insists on cuddling right into my neck and going to sleep there. Yeah, just look at my face - I love it!

Kitchen. We are getting there! The plastering is all done and we have almost finished the base painting of it all (not the dining room part - that decoration will come after we get the units in, I think. This weekend we'll hopefully finish painting (colour on the walls and the final ceiling coat) and then we can start getting the units in! That makes me so happy! The flooring guy was here this morning measuring up so although that is the last piece of the puzzle, it's in the pipeline!

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  1. Happy New Year when it comes. Enjoy your last half-year of peace, and peace of mind. But then... a lovely cuddly little person who will change your life for ever. It's what makes the world go round.


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