Friday, 16 September 2011

Good vibrations & positive vibes

So it's Friday and I've almost got three good days under my belt. I was out for dinner last night and while it wasn't the healthiest of meals I made the best choice I could, didn't have any wine and said no to pudding.

I've also had some really good workouts. I was planning to sneak another one in later today but my ankle (zzzzz) is playing up and so I think my 3 mile cycle (to the office and back) and some push ups and leg raises at home will have to suffice.

Looking at next week's diary which is choc a bloc I am really struggling to fit in many workouts. From weigh in to weigh in I used to manage 5. At the moment it's down to 4 and one of those is not as strenuous as it should be. This week it's only going to be 3. Not good. I'm going to have to watch the weekend eating like a hawk so that I make some sort of compensation.

TB is coming to mine for the weekend and on the menu tonight is chilli packed with veg. He is having his with nachos and cheese. I am having mine with a sweet potato. I might even go crazy and have a piece of broccoli. I know - INSANE!

If I'm mindful I can keep have a pretty healthy weekend. Barbeque tomorrow - to which I will take chicken to have with salad, and in the evening we've got my cousin's wedding reception (cheers for the all day invitation). My mum will be there which is a bit like having some sort of insurance policy. I'm not planning to go anywhere near the buffet but if she's there I know even thinking about sneaking a sausage roll would be as offensive turning up in a big white puffy dress. We (TB) are also driving to all these things and so while I could drink I'm not going to knock the booze back while he is stone cold sober.

I'm also wearing the pink dress I wore to the wedding I went to in August. I know I look good in it and so I'm quite hoping for a compliment from my bruv and sister in law. You can but hope. I saw another friend last night who I've not seen for months and months and she didn't utter a peep about me looking any slimmer either. I actually don't mind at all. I know I feel pretty good and that's the main thing.

The plan for the rest of the weekend involves walks by the river, coffee shops, charity shops, films, lots of sex and a bank holiday Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend my darlings - and get sloshed for me!  x

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