Friday, 2 September 2011

Some chitty chat

I ain't got no time to do a proper update, innit. And so here is a quick blast.

  • It's TB's and my 1 year anniversary tomorrow! He's coming to mine tonight and I am going to cook us a lovely meal. I am excited!
  • I am loving being in an office with people. There is lots of great chat and I am getting loads done. Admittedly, loads is actually lots of hen do organising and emailing friends, but it's getting done!
  • The ankle is not good. I've been pretty active and I can feel it hurting later that day/night and it's still very swollen. I've really cut back on the exercise i.e. Wednesday's seven mile cycle and circuits class were replaced yesterday with nothing at all and yesterday I only did a 40 minute spin class. I think I need to get back on the icing. Gonna do some weights on the machines at the gym later today interspersed with some cross trainer action. I know Furious G was looking for some chat on weights. Will get round to this next week, I promise.
  • I am hemorrhaging money right now. Dentist fitted a crown yesterday - £280. Bang! Car engine packed in. £800. Bang! Wedding presents - £100. Bang!
  • Work is picking up! Got a new gym client, a proper bodybuilding  gym! How exciting is that?! It's feck all money but it's money.
  • Eating has been going pretty god damn well but not exercising does not help. Example: Wednesday I did nothing and I ended up eating two meringue nests with creme fraiche (low fat). Not a big deal at all. I mean, we're talking about 150 cals but I would normally have worked out and not eaten that, so it's a double whammy of negativity. Must watch that from now on.
I've also got something very very exciting and also quite scary that I shall be revealing next week. No, I am not up the duff.

Have a wonderous weekend my lovelies. x


  1. Love that you instantly say "no, I'm not up the duff"!

    Look after that ankle.



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