Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bring it in, people

Tomorrow is weigh day. I'm nervous. I don't think I've done enough.

I've been away at at wedding and while I really tried to choose the healthy options, I ate two puddings. TWO PUDDINGS (on two different days I hasten to add). And apart quite a bit of walking about, I've really done no exercise.

Now that I'm back at home and in more contact with food as I am cooking rather than being served (when it's actually easy to ask for the healthy option and all you can eat is what's on your plate), I seem to be giving myself portions that are bigger than I probably should be having. I'm coming back for an extra forkful. I'm eating some wine gums that were bought for the office. I'm cutting off a wee bit of bread and eating it when I'm in the kitchen. I'm opening the fridge and cupboards and looking for something to eat. Oh dear.

It stops. Now.

Today is and will continue to be flipping amazing...

Breakfast: nectarine, tiny slice of brown bread and my own marmalade (which is one of my best perseveres ever - just in case you are interested).
Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: veg packed fritatta
Snack: Melon

I've just come back from spin (which involved a 2km cycle there and back). I think this says it all - and this is an hour later post windy cycle home.

I wasn't expecting much from the class. Yeah, it's a fancy new leisure centre - a pretty good one for the size of town - but it's council run and I've been to a lot of different spin classes all over the country. I know good spin. Holy crap. This was good spin. There were only six of us in the class but the instructor gave it her all -a and she made sure she gave yours too. Loved. It.

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