Friday, 9 August 2013

Weigh in

My bloody scales are useless.

They are weight watchers ones that tell you all manner of useless data and apparently are SO sensitive that if you move ever so slightly when you weigh yourself that you get a different reading. This means sometimes I can get weights that are over half a stone apart. What the chuff?

I've managed to work with them by placing them on exactly the same tile in the bathroom and standing in exactly the same way and I've muddled through. Okay, so some weeks they might not be quite spot on but they trend was downwards.

However, since moving house, I lost one of the wee rubber feet on the bottom of them and its even harder now to find any sort of consistency. I spent about 25 minutes this morning faffing about with them. Ummm, no thanks. Just look at how many different readings I got - and many of them more than once.

The upshot is that I think I've lost a quarter of a pound. Or maybe stayed the same. I don't feel any different from last week so I'm using that as a guide too. I've had enough of this malarkey though. Time for some new scales. I want ones that show up 1/4 or more increments. Any suggestions?

Week 1: 13 stone 11.75
Week 2: 13 stone 9.75  (- 2lbs)
Week 3: 13 stone 7.5    (- 2.25lbs)
Week 4: 13 stone 8.5    (+ 1lb)
Week 5: 13 stone 6.25  (- 2.25lbs)
Week 6: 13 stone 2.5    (- 3.75lbs)
Week 7: 13 stone 2.25  (- 0.25lbs)

Total: 9.5lbs


  1. Try changing the batteries before chucking out the scales. :-)

    1. Good suggestion but they had a brand new battery put in. Bloody technology!


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