Monday, 12 August 2013

Kablooom - thoughts everywhere

S'all going AWN! A weekend at home has me energised and raring to GO! Brain dump... engage!

  • Gardened like a demon on Saturday AND Sunday. Garden is a verb, right? I probably hacked out stuff that was meant to be there but it was taking over and enough - it was promptly hauled out. Our front garden was totally overgrown and it looked really tinky. Now that all our builder type people are finished on the roof and in the basement (don't even ask how many thousands that cost) it was time to reclaim the front of the house and assure the neighbours they people who moved in next to them are not a bunch of n'er do wells. 
  • I finally finished painting my bedside cabinet. It's such a pinterest cliche to say you'll buy some old furniture, sand it down and then paint it. But that's exactly what I did and it looks fricking amazing. I just have several other massive pieces to do. Wonky face.

  • TB's folks came over for a barbecue on Saturday night and I've not seen his mum for about 5 weeks. Holy crap. In about 9 weeks she's lost almost 2 stone. What the hell?! She looks amazing. Amazing! She's joined slimming world and is being perfect - no cheating at all. In her first week she lost half a stone and then 4lbs the weeks after. Green. I am green. She was quite big to start with and hasn't really dieted much in her life so she's getting results. But good on her. I can't let her get away from me though! Quick- 30 squats.NOW
  •  Saw a lovely rainbow in the back garden last night. Made me smile.
  • Quite liking my face at the moment. Sometimes I'm not digging what I see but right now, feeling good. Having quite good hair too.
  • I bought new scales. I got them on Friday morning (post run, breakfast and juice) and when I got home I weighed myself on them and the old ones. From what I can see there is a 3/4lb difference - heavier on the new ones. This means I should be 13 stone 3lbs on the new ones if I had weighed myself first thing. I'm taking them with me on Wednesday night as I'm at my folk's house that night and I'm weighing on Thursday morning before I head off to a music festival with my best pals that I've not seen for ageeeees. Also meeting a very lovely and sexy blogger there too who I have met IRL (yeah - I just typed IRL - hahhhhaaaaa) once before. It was not enough.
  • I went to bodypump today for the first time in about.... oh, I dunno. Maybe two years. Maybe longer. I'm not sure it's for me. I used to go all. the.time. but I've moved on. There was a time it gave me what I needed but, I just felt like... well, it was boring. Boring! But... I may well go back - my arms, legs and back are pretty achy and sore so it's doing something.
  • Finally - I just wanted to share something which has had me smiling for a wee while. When I was away, just before I went to Ireland for the wedding, I stayed at a place where there were two sisters. They are about 18 and 21 and are lovely. They are just full of life and sparkle. They are also really pretty and slim. I was chatting away to the younger of the two one night and she said that her sister and she, see me around at the events we all go to - and they would love to be like me when they are older. How nice is that. I was so touched. What a lovely thing to say. It's given me such a big smile. We actually have very similar hair (big, dark brown and wavy) and so they are joking I'm the 3rd sister. Love it!


  1. Great catch up, good luck with the new scales!

  2. Love to hear you so happy.



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