Friday, 30 August 2013

Weigh in

I know, I KNOW. I need to tell all about the engagement and the kittens (one of which is sleeping on my lap right now - more cuteness than I can stand) but for now - it's time to talk numbers. Specifically, the number on the scale.

I've got a wedding dress to fit into - there is no time to faff about. If I ever needed an incentive, then here it is - in white and lace (for example!). So much more to say on this topic.

I made the transition to the new scales which are heavier than my old ones. It's been a bit messy as I got my head around it but the main thing is that although the number is up - the overall loss is down. You get me?

The last time I checked in here was  three weigh ins ago. And get this... I've lost weight all three of these weigh ins! Yes, they are pitiful losses but the trajectory is down and that my people, makes me an even happier bunny than I am already.

Week 1:   13 stone 11.75
Week 2:   13 stone 9.75  (- 2lbs)
Week 3:   13 stone 7.5    (- 2.25lbs)
Week 4:   13 stone 8.5    (+ 1lb)
Week 5:   13 stone 6.25  (- 2.25lbs)
Week 6:   13 stone 2.5    (- 3.75lbs)
Week 7:   13 stone 2.25  (- 0.25lbs)
Week 8:   13 stone 4.5 (-0.25lbs)
Week 9:   13 stone 4 (-0.5lbs)
Week 10: 13 stone 3.25 (-0.75lbs)

Total: 11lbs

I don't wanna keep harking back to the old scales but if I was weighing on them - I would be 0.75lbs away from being in the 12s!

In other news, yesterday I ran 5.85km without stopping once to walk. Pow pow!


  1. Many congratulations for all of this!

    Not sure what you're going to do with the kittens when you're on your honeymoon, though...


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