Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The proposal

I was feeling tired and worn out.  A long weekend at a music festival and a five hour drive home had wiped me out. I trudged home after a 12 hour day, feeling a bit sick and generally ready to do nothing but sit on the couch, as agreed with TB earlier in the day.

I was on my my way home when I got a text from him.

I might not be done till after 6 tonight. When are you back? X
Nooooo! Getting into the station at 17.30.
I'll not be too late, I'll let you know
You let me know. There is someone on the train with honking BO. What do  you want for tea? X
Something delicious.

I got home, popped some chicken in the oven and started peeling a sweet potato (it was the best I could do - I was knackered!). I was about halfway through the potato when I heard TB come in the front door and he shouted hello.

"Hiya", I replied
"You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm okay"
"Just okay? Can you come here a second"

At that moment, I did wonder why he was calling me into the hall. Normally he would come straight in to the room I was in. So I immediately thought he had something to show me but little did I know that when I turned the corner into the hall he would be standing there with a cat basket, with two tiny kittens inside!

"Oh my god - kittens! Two kittens! Why have you got kittens? Where did you get them from?! Kittens!"

I turned to look at him. He was looking right at me. Before he even said anything I knew. I just knew. "LoveCat" he began. Holy crap. This was actually happening.

He got down on one knee and I sort of just melted and sank to the ground with him, on both knees.

"I love you very much. I can't imagine my life without you. Will you marry me".
"Yes! You know I will. Of course I will" I half laughed, half cried intro his neck as I threw my arms around him."

And with that, we were engaged. 


  1. Tears in my eyes hon. So pleased for you both (and the kittens). Congratulations and all the best for your future together. L xx

  2. How wonderful! Do it with kittens!

    Hope this is the first of many wedding updates.


  3. Oh my God, I missed this! Huge Congratulations :) x


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