Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wedding Dress Dread

I am having a minor panic about shopping for a wedding dress.

We're hoping to get married in May and so my mum and I were planning to start looking at dresses in January. By that time I plan to have lost good few pounds.

WRONG. I've been informed that I need to expect that it'll take at least 6 months if I get a dress made and so I need to start the search soon. Soon?! SOON!

How can I start the search soon when last week, I put ON a pound a half and since then I've been doing a shit hot impression of Miss Piggy. I can actually do a really good vocal Miss Piggy impression but in this instance I am talking about the volume of crap I have been shoving down my pie hole. Okay, I've not eaten that much but for the past five days I seem to have thrown caution to the wind and have eaten what I wanted - and more. People- I am putting on weight, not losing it!

I finally got it together and yesterday and managed a whole day of healthy eating and a 6km run (no walking at all). I feel a lot better with just one day under my belt but one day of keeping on track does not a wedding dress fitting make. Far bloody from it.

And there is more to panic me.This is real woe... I'm going on holiday to Crete for week in 10 days time. What a problem - going on holiday to relax and kick back. My life is just horrendous. But I don't want to come back from holiday bigger than I am now  - and then have to try on wedding dresses. I can't think of anything worse. Even writing about it on here is giving me the heebie jeebies.


  1. We had a lovely dressmaker in Edinburgh who made Daughter 2's beautiful wedding dress much quicker than that (she also made Daughter 1's bridesmaid dress very quickly because she'd been pregnant up to the few weeks before her sister's wedding). http://www.freja-fashion.co.uk/

    I know you're not in Edinburgh any more but I'm sure you could find the equivalent where you are. If not, you only need a few fittings so Freya (her name is actually Mette Baillie) wouldn't be impossible. (D 2 was living in London and just had fittings when she came home.) Good luck!

  2. PS It cost about £1100. Not that expensive - I mean, ridiculously expensive but many are much worse! And there was a lot of lace.

  3. I did look a bit like a chubby Miss Piggy - and I still mourn that fact.

    Anyway, I really had the dread. I went into a shop and burst into tears! But you are MUCH slimmer than me and I am sure you will look gorgeous. You need to tap into recommendations to find a great shop where the staff are lovely and love their jobs and want you to look amazing. I did find somewhere like this (the Miss Piggyalike was not their fault) but it's near Guildford so a bit of a trek for you.

  4. You don't need to do a wedding dress shop you know. There's a whole industry out there geared to making money out of women's insecurities about 'their special day' (how patronising). I'm getting married in March 2014 and I pride myself on never going to a wedding fayre *shudder* or stepping foot inside a bridal shop. I ordered my dress from lightinthebox.com for £100 and its absolutely beautiful (have just gone for a fancy ivory frock but you can get wedding dresses on there). If you're into the strapless white column numbers then try them on by all means, but you can probably get one from that website and others like it for a fraction of the price.


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