Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wedding hurdle 1

Life seems to be just a little bit bat shit crazy busy just now.

How is it possible to be this busy?! Work is just bonkers. It's great, I'm earning a crust but there just aren't enough hours in the day. We've also been away at weekends quite a bit, I've been visiting my nephew (oh dear god, he is ADORABLE), seeing friends in my old home city and oh you know - trying to book a wedding.

It's this last part I am finding the most frustrating. I know what I want but I don't think it exists. Or if it does it has been turned into a typical wedding venue that has been polished and preened within an inch of it's life - with a price tag to match.

What don't I want....

  • A hotel
  • A church
  • A typical location that has a format they roll out time and time again
  • A room that is the same for everyone bar a the flowers
  • To get married inside
Really what we both want is a really fun and casual event. We'd love to be married outside but of course that means there has to be a back up in case the weather is wet. What seems most sensible is renting a big self catering house for all the wedding party to stay in and with a big enough garden that we can put a marquee up - which would double up as the wet weather back up.  There also has to be enough accommodation close by for everyone else.

I don't think that sounds too hard. I think that sounds quite reasonable. Well, I'll tell you - apparently it's not. And if there is somewhere that's like that - it's not available. Bookings are being taken for 2016. What the chuff? Three years from now. Insane.


  1. Man. I feel ya. Good luck with venues! Any cute villiage halls that u could comendenear near u? That wouldn't solve the outdoor service though I guess...
    Loving the engagement news!!
    Bron x

  2. From what I understand you can't have a legal outdoor service? As in to get married, you legally have to be under a roof? I think what you are describing is exactly what I want when it comes to be my time, but unfrotuantely they don't come cheap, if anything from my research a more casual wedding is more expensive than a traditional one! How far are you willing to travel, I know tehre are a few places in Wales? I second the above suggestion of a village hall- maybe rent a nearby field from a farmer for a marquee? good luck!


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