Friday, 11 July 2014

Protein Ice Cream Bites

It's been months since I did a double dunt. Two workouts in one day used to be a normal Thursday for me and yesterday,  the power of two was realised once more.

I was down at the football pitch at 7am raring to go with my personal trainer (with a green smoothie I made him - what a kiss-ass) and we had an hour of press ups, jumping squats, split squats, jumping jack, hill climbers and the like interspersed with running. It was a flipping glorious morning and so I was feeling pretty boyant by the time it was 8am and it was home time.

Then at 12.25, after a lunch of one egg and extra egg white omelette with pesto tuna, I biked along the gym and cracked out a spinning class. After that I cycled to the supermarket, bought way more than I could fit in my bag and wobbled home on my two weeks with brown rolls and diluting juice threatening to fall out my bag.

In between this, as well as working (oh lordy I have a lot on just now) I made some delicious protein coconut banana ice-cream bites.

In the food processor I blasted some coconut milk, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder and a little squeeze of nagave nectar. I then just poured the mix into an icecube tray and popped it in the freezer. Now I have delicious ice cream bites ready for muching on. Yum!

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  1. I love this idea! I have recently got loads of protein powder and I have been wondering what else to do with it.


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