Thursday, 3 July 2014

Weigh in


You've guessed it my three days of being fantastic food wise did not happen. I won't bore you with the details and excuses (much of which involved cream and meringue). I will however, bore you with my new plan. I'm actually laughing when I type 'new plan'. There is sweet fanny adams that is new about it. It's a plan though and without a plan, I am nothing.

I know it seems like I am on repeat here but if I don't keep trying, then I'll never succeed. And I bloody love to succeed.

Here is the skinny (no flipping pun intended). I go away for two weeks, two weeks on Saturday. I weighed myself yesterday morning with intent of having three STONKING days and weighing myself again on Saturday. I know, not like me to have such a small weigh in window but it's happening people. I will then have two full weeks until I go. If I had waited until Saturday I know I would have continued to mess around and kid myself on.

So I weighed and as expected the numbers were far from good. 12 stone 10lbs. A quarter of a pound more and I would be back to my post honeymoon weight. WTF? For god sake. What a waste of a month. I am annoyed at myself. Really annoyed. It's done though and time to look forward.

Yesterday was an excellent food day. Green smoothie for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, aubergine and chicken one pot meal with bulgar wheat for tea.  Snacks were cold meat, a peanut butter protein ball I made (more on that later) and fruit. I also played racket ball for an hour - which helped me totally smash my step count.

Yeah, that's right - I said step count. Did I not mention I got a fit bit? I'm surprised as I have been boring everyone else with it! Yup, I decided to go ahead and get myself one of these super duper pedometers. I love a stat and pouring over graphs that compare my step count/distance covered and calories burned gives me quite the thrill! I also wanted to get it as it feels like I do a LOT of walking when I go to camp. I'm talking about four miles on a quiet day. So, I thought I'd get it before then so I've got some 'normal' data to compare it to. Let me know if you have one and want to be on each others' friends list!

Right, I better scoot. I'm cycling along to spinning at the gym.

Current Weight: 12 stone 10lbs

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